Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Table Lamp

Lighting is essential to have in every room of your home. Many rooms might have plenty of windows and overhead lighting, but nothing compares to adding to the ambiance with a stylish table lamp. Choosing a perfect table lamp can complete your room and help you achieve the perfect balance of lighting and style for any design. These tips will help you choose the perfect table lamp to fit any room in your home.

Choose the Perfect Spot – The great thing about table lamps is they can be placed on just about any surface in a room. When laying out your design, choose a spot where you think the lighting would be needed the most and offer the best ambiance to the room.

Determine the Right Height – After you decide where your table lamp will go, you need to decide the height you need. If you go shopping for just any table lamp, you may grab one that doesn't quite fit the space. A great rule of thumb is to choose a table lamp where the bottom of the lampshade is at eye level when you are seated. You can take pictures of the area you want the table lamp to go to or take measurements from the top of the surface to where you would determine the standard eye level.

Choose the Right Décor – Lamps come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Reflect on your room's current aesthetic and design, and think about what type of design will best fit the space. You can choose a table lamp that is a focal point of the room with a unique style or color that makes it pop, or choose a style that seamlessly blends in with the room's décor.

Select a Shade Style – There are endless design choices when searching for the perfect lampshade. The shape and size of the lampshade are just as essential as the design. You'll want to choose a shade style first on how you plan on using the shade to light the room. A thick, darker lamp shade minimizes the bright lights, while an opaque shade provides a warm glow and brightens up a room.

Pick a Lightbulb Temperature – The lighting in your room isn't just determined by the lamp shade. You can choose whether you want a cooler or warmer light in a room, which can be essential in determining the ambiance. A cooler bulb is perfect for spaces that need more of a natural-looking light to brighten up a room, while a warm bulb can soften the glow and add a more cozy, relaxing atmosphere.

Choosing the right table lamp for your room is all about balance. Finding a table lamp can improve the lighting in any room and enhance the ambiance to fit your aesthetic. Whether you are looking to add lighting for cozy nights or brighten up the space to allow you to entertain guests, choosing the perfect table lamp using the tips above can help you accomplish your design needs.

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